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Electromed Persian Tous Company has been operating since 2007 with the central idea of designing, producing and localizing the heart tissue stabilizing device (octopus) in open heart surgery and by obtaining patent ownership, technology unit license and industrial ownership registration of the design in the park. Khorasan Razavi Science and Technology has been established and after passing the preparatory and growth courses, it has continued its activities as a partner company under the supervision of science and technology park institutions.

In 2013, the necessary infrastructure for the development and growth of the company was provided with the transfer of land in the science and technology park, and the necessary space for the production of medical products was prepared with the construction of a clean room.

More than 90% of raw materials and technology required for product production has been made possible with the ability of domestic specialists.

Electromed Persian Tous company is completely self-sufficient in making the internal sample of the octopus and produces all the parts of the product internally and in-house, and also all the assembly steps are done in the clean room of this complex.

The company’s first idea, as the title suggests, is of a production nature, and is actually texture-fixing prototyping that is produced through reverse engineering.

Electromed persian toos- - الکترومد پرشین توسoctopus

In this way, the overall structure of the product is similar to its foreign (American) counterpart, at the same time, due to the disadvantages of the foreign model of this device, and also in order to make the product more efficient, changes have been made in its design.

Today, after years of effort and experience in the field of producing specialized medical equipment, Electromed Persian Tous adheres to all national and international requirements and standards, including ISO 13485 and ISO 14644 certificates and a license to manufacture medical devices from the General Department of Equipment and Supplies. Medicine and the employment of expert and experienced human forces are committed to producing products that can compete with the top global manufacturers of medical equipment and are thinking of expanding their international markets.

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